Children are the Church now.

We believe that children are not just the future of the church but are the church now! We seek to provide spiritual growth opportunities for children, birth through Fifth grade, and to establish each child’s faith in a loving, caring, forgiving, Christian community.

Children’s programming is more than just “babysitting”. It is a time when the children themselves learn about and grow in their friendship with Jesus. Developing relationships with each other and Jesus is important to our programming. ​

Our mission is to nurture children in the faith so they may have a deep friendship with Jesus and each other; know they are loved, forgiven, and saved by a risen Savior; and equip parents to be successful spiritual leaders in the home.

Please take a look at our children’s page below – if you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Sunday School


A wonderful time of Biblical exploration. Instruction is designed to meet the learning needs and interests of all children by incorporating visuals, music, art, group activities, games, etc… Parents are asked to check-in their children on the check-in computer, currently near the classroom areas.

Two badges will print after the check-in procedure. The child is to wear one badge on the front of their shirt or dress and the parent is to use the second badge when picking-up the child at the end of Sunday School.  Please, for the safety of all of our children, and to comply with our Safe Sanctuaries Policy, only parents are allowed to pick-up children from Sunday School.

Classroom Locations

InfantsToddlers2 to 3 Year Olds3 to 4 Year OldsElementary Large GroupK & 1st Grade2nd & 3rd Grade4th & 5th Grade
Room 106
Room 104
Room 103
Room 107
Room 207
Room 204
Room 205
Room 207

Sunday Childcare

On Sundays we offer traditional childcare for infants and toddlers in case you do not want to bring your child with you into the worship service. All of our childcare providers have been background checked and have experience in childcare.

Classroom Locations


InfantsToddlers to Kindergarten
Room 106
Room 104


InfantsToddlers & TwosWiggle with Jesus
Room 106
Room 104
Room 109 – Wiggle with Jesus is a children’s worship education opportunity, for children who were 3-years-old by August 1, 2018, through 1st Grade, who desire an alternative experience to the 11:00 am worship services. The Scripture used the majority of the time in both worship services is incorporated into the Wiggle with Jesus lesson plans. ​

Children's Upcoming Events

Wednesday Nights for Kids

Bring your kids on Wednesday Nights for fun with their friends, and the opportunity to grow and make music together. Check out the opportunities below and then bring your kids, starting September 6 to join in the fun!

Preschool Choir (Ages 3-5) – 6:00pm – Children’s Music Area (Level 2)

Elementary Choir (K-3rd Grade) – 6:00pm – Children’s Music Area (Level 2)

Elementary Bells (K-3rd Grade) – 6:30pm – Children’s Music Area (Level 2)

Preschool Kids Club (Ages 3-5) – 6:30pm – Children’s Music Area (Level 2)

The Prayground

Available in the Sanctuary and the Connection Center

Good news parents! Children of all ages are encouraged to join us in worship! If you have a baby or toddler who likes to move, but you’d like to stay in the service, there are “Praygrounds” in both of our worship spaces with room for your child to stretch their legs.

Opening the door for children to participate in worship is the best way for children to begin a lifelong routine of prayerful discipline. We encourage you to bring your children with you and help teach them why we worship God.

Did you know we also have Family Quiet Rooms located off of each of the worship spaces? You can bring a chatty or fussing child to these rooms to have a minute to calm down. Plus, the audio from the worship service is connected so you won’t miss a thing!


What can my children do during worship services?

While children of all ages are welcome to attend worship service with you, sometimes additional activities are needed.

  • Childcare is available for Infants through Two-Year-Olds, currently in Room 104.
  • Wiggle with Jesus is a worship education activity for Three-Year-Olds (by August 1, 2019) through Kindergartners.  In addition to learning about the Church Year, we use the same Bible reading used in worship but have a variety of child-friendly activities to help the children understand the story.
  • Worship Activity Bags provide a variety of hands-on activities for busy hands while still participating in worship. They are filled with new activities each week. You can find them in the Prayground area in the Sanctuary and the main entrance way of the Connection Center for the Ignite Service.
  • “Praygrounds” offer a designated worship and play area for Infants through Four-Year-Olds, and their parents, to remain in worship while having a more relaxed setting.
  • Cry Rooms for chatty or fussy children to have a minute to calm down.  There is audio from the worship service in each Cry Room so parents and children don’t miss any of the worship service.
What if my child needs me during the worship services?

When you drop off your child in childcare or Wiggle with Jesus, please make sure your updated cell phone number is left with the staff. They will text/call you if your child needs you.

What safety measures do you have in place?

All of our children’s classrooms are in secure areas. Door hosts and hostesses help families to enter these areas after checking-in on the attendance computer. Two badges will print – a name badge for the child and a pick-up badge for the parent. Classroom staff will check the number on the pick-up badge with the child’s name badge and then release the child to the parent. Our volunteers are background checked prior to volunteering with children.

Is there a curriculum that you use?

Bible stories are shared in the childcare rooms during the worship services.

Wiggle with Jesus teaches about the Church Year and uses the same Bible reading used in worship. A variety of child-friendly activities are used to help the children understand the story.

Our Sunday School curriculum is an online curriculum from Think Orange – believing two combined influences have a greater impact than two separate influences. By creating an Orange Strategy in our local church ministry, we combine the influences of the family (red) and the church (yellow) to have a greater impact on the next generation of Christians who are ready to own their own faith. When red and yellow combine, they make orange. When the family and church combine, they make a strong team to raise the next generation of believers. The curriculum provides materials to present biblical truths to children in age-appropriate ways, but also provides materials to connect families to an everyday faith at home. The preschool curriculum focuses upon three simple, but powerful truths: “God Made Me,” “God Loves Me,” and “Jesus Wants to Be My Friend Forever.” The elementary curriculum focuses upon the basic, powerful truth modeled by Jesus in Luke 2:52, “I need to make the wise choice,” “I can trust God no matter what,” and “I should treat others the way I want to be treated.”

How can I volunteer with the Children’s Ministry?

There are many volunteer opportunities available in Children’s Ministry at MUMC.

The Children’s Council addresses the immediate pressure points facing Children’s Ministry, establishes a consensus for the direction of Children’s Ministry, and creates a Children’s Ministry infrastructure.

The Major Events Team assists the Children’s Ministry build community by coordinating special memory-maker moments throughout the year that will engage children and families in the life of the Children’s Ministry, including the Breakfast with Santa, Advent Fair, Christmas Eve Family Worship Service, Lenten Fair, Summer Missions & Fun, and VBS, to name just a few of the events.

Sunday School Teachers and Leaders volunteer for the same month each quarter, teaching for a total of four months out of the year. They follow a provided lesson plan and develop a relationship with each of the students.

Pathways Junior Teachers and Leaders also follow a provided lesson plan and develop a relationship with each of the students.  Volunteers are always needed for the Fall and Spring Kids’ Consignment Sales.  Tasks include checking through consignors’ items as they bring them into the sale, organizing consignor items for the sale, assisting with checking-out customers, and clean-up.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of these areas within the Children’s Ministry, just click the button below and fill out some information.