The Unsung Heroes.

Middletown United Methodist Church is extremely blessed to have a congregation full of talented individuals who generously give their time to help in the areas that call to them the most. Our Church Council and Committees are in charge of future casting a a vision for our ministries and goals, supervising church membership, nurturing a spiritual life in the church, establishing and approving administrative changes and program policies, planning the annual budget, evaluating stewardship opportunities for the church, and the list even goes on from there.

If you are called to serve as a Lay Leader as a Council Officer or on one of our Church Committees, please reach out to us. We are always welcome to anyone getting involved.

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Lay Leadership 2019

Church Council Officers

Chairperson of the Church CouncilVice-Chairperson of the Church CouncilTreasurerChurch Council SecretaryMembership SecretaryLay LeaderLay Members to Annual ConferenceChairperson of Adult EducationRepresentative of DaycareRepresentative of PreschoolChairperson of Children's Council
Tim Howard (3)
Nina Walton (3)
Al Kirkpatrick (2)
Emily Rademaker (3)
Susie Carter
Mac McKenzie (3)
Chad DuVall (1)

Catherine Sherrard (3)

Dana Gerber (3)

Al Kirkpatrick (3)

Diane Fairfield (3)
Debbie Wright (2)
Carrie Carden (2)
Kathi Winnenberg (2)
Chairperson of Youth CouncilChairperson of Church LifeChairperson of WorshipUMM PresidentChairperson of TrusteesChairperson of FinanceYouth RepresentativeChairperson of Staff Parish Relations CommitteeChairperson of OutreachChairperson of Missions
Terry Giltner (2)
Jim Brown (1)
Julie Roche (1)

Rebecca Owen (1)

Bill Myers (4)
Darrell Wittmer (4)

*extended by action of Church Council

Steve Shawhan (4)

*extended by action of Church Council

Joe Winnenberg (1)
Stephanie Appel (1)
Brian & Andrea Schoettmer (2)
Jack Swan (2)

Church Committees


Darrell Wittmer

Bill Geoghegan

Todd Graybill

Wayne Carter

Dana Gerber

Bob Faletti

John Kolb

Doug Russell

Laura Leigh Bates

David Finn

Gene Johnson

Chad DuVall

Committee on Lay Leadership

Laarni Russell

Bill Azevedo

Becky Owen

Reenu Chacko

Carolyn Cox

Carol Jubenville

David Gerber

Lynn Sutton

Karen Wittmer

Staff Pastor Parish Relations

John Craddock

Renee Grady

John Davenport

Catherine Sherrard

Monty Boyd

Nancy Stillwell

Jarvis Head

Stephanie Appel

Gary Beagle

Robin Chacko

Committee on Finance

Steve Shawhan

*Church Council Chairperson

Al Kirkpatrick

*Sr. Pastor

*Trustee Representative


Heather DuVall

Rick Martinell

Jennie Pepoon (staff)

*Sr. Pastor

Jacque Sands

Bill Gnegy

Nat Peters