The Unsung Heroes.

Middletown United Methodist Church is extremely blessed to have a congregation full of talented individuals who generously give their time to help in the areas that call to them the most. Our Church Council and Committees are in charge of future casting a a vision for our ministries and goals, supervising church membership, nurturing a spiritual life in the church, establishing and approving administrative changes and program policies, planning the annual budget, evaluating stewardship opportunities for the church, and the list even goes on from there.

If you are called to serve as a Lay Leader as a Council Officer or on one of our Church Committees, please reach out to us. We are always welcome to anyone getting involved.

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Lay Leadership 2023

Church Council Officers

Church Council Chair: Mac McKenzie

Church Council Vice-Chair: David Gerber

Treasurer: Nat Peters

Church Council Secretary: Pam Luginbuhl

Membership Secretary: Paula McQuate

Lay Leader: Scott Owen

Lay Members to Annual Conference:
Tim Howard, Carl Schumann, Dana Gerber, Julie Roche, Debbie Wright

Adult Education Chair: Diane Fairfield

CDC/MUMP Representative: Lynn Sutton

Children’s Council Chair: Maria Pottlitzer

Youth Council Chair: Terry Giltner

Church Life Chair: Jim Brown

Worship Chair: Kathi Winnenberg

UMM President: Bill Myers

Trustees Chair: Marilyn Lewis

Finance Chair: Carl Balderson

Youth Representative: Joe Winnenberg

Staff Parish Relations Chair: Randy Salley

Outreach Chair: Eukie Weaver

Missions Chair: Jack Swann

Church Committees


Marilyn Lewis (Chairperson)

Larry Martin

Rubie Leslie

Jim Brown

Stephanie Appel

Paul Newton

Marty Casciato

Ute Dickinson

Chuck Edsell

Committee on Lay Leadership

Ann Black

Mallory Barron

Ken Watts

John Craddock

Lisa Kolb

David O’Brien

Rachael Harten

Staff Pastor Parish Relations

Randy Salley (Chairperson)

Darrell Wittmer

Heidi York

Kevin Holloway

Dan Cox

Tracey Berry

David Finn

Jane Balderson

David Grady

Committee on Finance


Doug Dickinson

Carl Balderson (Chairperson)

Matthew Feltner

Diane Pidwell

Jim Wright

Robin Chacko

Lee Grace