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This pandemic has affected so many aspects of our everyday lives. Parenting during this time not excluded. That is why we are offering “Parenting During Pandemic” sessions with a licensed therapist. These will take place Tuesday nights starting January 19th at 7pm via Zoom. There will be a total of 4 sessions available with each one being 40-45 minutes long. Registration is required.

Janet Rittenhouse, LCSW, LMFT, has served children and parents as a therapist for 15+ years through work with Seven Counties, JCPS, University of Louisville as well as her private practice. She will be facilitating a weekly exploration of renewing and sustaining skills for parents and caregivers.

IMPORTANT – You can attend one or all of the classes.

Week 1      I Can Relate                                   Building our kids’ emotional intelligence through relationship

Week 2      We Don’t Play!                            Enhancing play’s benefits when we are stressed out

Week 3     What Do You Want?                    Aligning our behavior with our expectations

Week 4    Curious George, Ann & Paul     Planning for quality time with curiosity and compassion

Bring your favorite socks to Zoom!


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