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Lent 2022
Lent 2022
First Sunday of Lent (March 6, 2022)

Jesus’ response to the temptations would determine what kind of Messiah he would be. To say “yes” to the temptations Jesus was would have been saying “no” to God, to the way of God, and the idea of God’s kingdom. The temptation frames Jesus’ whole ministry as an obedient servant, obedient even unto death.

Our response to temptation will determine what kind of person we will be and more importantly what our witness will be in the community. Saying “yes” to temptations revibrates for beyond us.

The Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness. However, the Spirit didn’t just drop him off and say, “I’ll be back to get you in 40 days, good luck.” The Spirit was with Jesus when he was tempted. Neither are we alone when we are tempted.

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