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“Grace” is a word people are familiar with, especially those who are active in the church. We sing about it, we preach about it, we use it in prayer. However, grace is not always easy for us to live out. We understand grace as God’s undeserved gift of love and mercy to us. Grace doesn’t end with us as the recipient, grace has not been fully experienced until it is fully expressed to others.

Our offering of grace begins with those closest to us – our family. Home is the place where we should know abundance of love and mercy and it is abundant in many homes. However, many homes are void of grace. We seem to hold our family to a higher standard. Action we would overlook and forgive in others we don’t in our family. We believe God should have already completed the good work he began in our family members. God hasn’t completed that good work, but he is completing it. When grace is offered it is life giving and life affirming.

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