March 2024

On the 3rd Sunday of each month, we take time during communion to assemble food donations to make 84 sack lunches for the homeless community.

Lunches include a sweet snack, a salty snack, and a PB&J sandwich.

For March, we need:

84 salty snacks

84 PB&J sandwiches,

84 sweet snacks.

The next opportunity to make sack lunches is Sunday, March 17 at 11 am in the IGNITE worship service. Please have donated items dropped off in the Connection Center by 10 am on 3rd Sunday. Donations are welcome to be dropped off before Sunday during normal business hours.

The sweet snack should be individually wrapped. (ex. oatmeal cream pie, Little Debbie, Hostess or Krispie Kreme). The chips should be individual size bags. The PB& J sandwiches should be in individual baggies.