Why serve the church?

At Middletown United Methodist Church, we encourage everyone to serve the church in whatever manner suits you best. We have so many different ways you can get involved, there is bound to be something that interests you. So why serve the church?

1. Serving puts feet to your faith.

Christ has brought us a beautiful freedom: the freedom to walk with God! Before Christ, we couldn’t commune with the Lord—we were impure. Now that we can walk with Him, we have a choice: use our freedom to go back to our old ways or serve one another.

Service is an expression of true faith. If we say we love Christ, but refuse to actively love our fellow Christ-followers, what do we think faith is about? Jesus Himself made a point of serving humanity everywhere He went—even to the point of death. Our “death” is far less than what He experienced. It is the awkwardness of learning something new, the uncomfortable adjustment to our schedule or the inconvenience of staying late. But that’s what love is: a sacrifice.

2. Serving connects you with others.

Serving your church connects you with fellow believers. If you attend a large church, it can be hard to meet people outside your immediate circle. Serving is a great way to find people you may otherwise never meet during or after the service. Middletown United Methodist Church has many first hand accounts of people becoming lifelong friends because of service opportunity that they both were a part of. You never know who you’ll meet when you choose to serve!

3. Serving cultivates humility and love.

Finally, service is a reflection of God’s heart. From the beginning, God has been humbly and lovingly serving humanity: providing for our needs, bearing with our sinfulness and making a way for us to know Him. When we think we’re too good for service—or too busy, a more common excuse—keep in mind that this is something God Himself does for us every day.

You don’t have to have amazing skills to serve. You just need to be willing. But if you do have a gifting—and most of us do—that is your opportunity to share it with fellow believers.

If you’re not already serving, start seeking an opportunity today. Leave an imprint where you are and you’ll see God make an impact on your heart.

Service Opportunities

We hope you can find fulfillment in serving with us here at Middletown United Methodist Church. It’s easy to get started. Click on the opportunity that interests you most and sign up. You’ll be on your way to serving in no time!



Be the face of the church! This is a rewarding position that helps build relationships with anyone who walks through our doors.

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Music Ministry


Choir, Ignite Band, Children’s Choir & Chimes, Chancel Bells, Orchestra, etc. Help provide the music we produce each Sunday.

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Media Ministry


Come behind the scenes and help make Sunday worship happen. Set up mics, run the sound board or run slides. It is a lot of fun!

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Pew Steward


This job is rarely thought of but is a huge part of our Sundays going smoothly. Help clean our pews and restock supplies.

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This important role for children helps launch our Sunday worship. It is a great starting point for getting involved in church.

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Need More Information?

We hope you’ll use this website to explore the service opportunities we offer. If you are seeking something you don’t see here, contact the church office. We will be glad to assist.

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