How Do We Worship?

At MUMC, we seek to glorify God through our worship, and to encounter God through study of the Word.

We gather each week to pray, sing, remember, and learn together, that through our worship we might come face to face with the Divine. We rejoice and let our hearts be heard so that others may feel the calling too.

Across our three services, our worship is vibrant and authentic because of the gifts that God’s people bring to offer each Sunday, from an uplifted song to the sharing of a prayer or a dramatic reading of scripture.

We are called to worship God with all our hearts, and here at MUMC we would invite you to join us to worship, and to get involved in our music, media, and worship ministries, which are open to all!

Worship Times

*Disclaimer – Due to COVID-19, our worship services have been altered to adhere to proper distancing and health regulations. We have temperature checkers, additional sanitation stations, pews marked off, and mask requirements. Our 8:30am Sanctuary service and 11am Ignite service will be streamed in their entirety on our Facebook & YouTube each Sunday morning.

If you have any questions or concerns about in person worship, please reach out to us via email.

Main Sanctuary – 8:30am

Held in the Sanctuary, our traditional service cherishes pews, pulpits, choir lofts, robes for pastors and choirs, daylight streaming through the stained glass and the deep resonant sound of a pipe organ. Voices lifting high in praise of God, an energetic congregation joining in hymns, passionate preaching, and a community gathering to receive the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion—these make up the texture and taste of the traditional worship service.

We move forward with pipes and processionals that help to create an energetic, passionate, uplifting, and spirit-filled worship experience that connects individuals to friends in love, to a cause greater than themselves, and to the kind of worship that fills an empty soul and charges their spiritual batteries for the week ahead.

Main Sanctuary – 11:00am

Located in the Sanctuary, this service joins together the people of God in all their diversity, under one roof and in one service, to glorify God through the offering up of corporate praise. Throughout this service, we artful weave together varying musical styles and other elements into a seamless tapestry which honors the Lord without alienating any particular group.

May we seek to please the Lord with our worship so that He might be honored not only by our outward expressions but also by the attitudes of hearts. May our worship reflect the unity within diversity which is the beauty of Christ’s body, blending “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” in a harmonious symphony of praise.

Ignite (Modern Worship) – 11:00am

Held in our recently renovated Connection Center, our Ignite Service is a modern, casual way to attend church. With modern music, a comfortable and family-friendly atmosphere, and a relevant and biblical message, Ignite Worship is designed to connect our everyday lives with the message and life of Jesus.

So what is modern worship? Simply the same as it has been since Jesus walked here on earth. It is giving honor and praise to our Father in heaven. It is living lives in obedience to God’s word and to His call on your life. It is showing His worth to everyone because He is worthy. Let us not confuse worship with music. Worship doesn’t change.

We welcome you to come as you are and to join us as we worship together this Sunday!



@ 8:30 & 11am

Online Worship

Now more than ever, it is important to have an online presence. Due to the health concerns of COVID-19 many of you may not feel comfortable physically coming into church. That’s okay! We completely understand. We want to bring church to your home!

Join us as we live stream our 8:30am Sanctuary worship service as well as our 11am modern worship service on Facebook Live and YouTube every Sunday. All you have to do is visit our Facebook page or YouTube channel about 5 minutes till the service starts and the live stream will be the first thing you see. The services will then be available to watch at a later time on Facebook and Youtube.

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