In appreciation and in consideration of the Middletown United Methodist Church (hereinafter the "Church" allowing

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(herein referred to as the "Licensee") to use the Church's buildings and facilities (herein the Church "Property") for meetings and activities, the Licensee does hereby fully and completely waive and release, indemify, defend, and hold harmless the Church, which includes its trustees, officers, members, and employees, from any and all liability for any damage to person or property that the Licensee or their guests may suffer on or about the Church Property.

The Licensee further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Church for any cost, expenses, or monies paid by the Church, or required to be paid by the Church, because of any claims made or threatened to be made arising from injuries or damages suffered by any person or entity or the Licensee arising from the Licensee's use or presence on or about the Church Property.

The Church is not responsible for the protection or safekeeping of any personal property, and will not be responsible or liable for the damage or loss of any personal property brought to the Church, or left on the Church Property.